Martin Killion

Lt. Martin Killion grew up in North Alabama and graduated from Guntersville High School in 1985. After graduation, He attended Snead State Community College and the Alabama Fire College and attained his EMT-Basic license and Firefighting certification, once having his license, he went to work for a private ambulance service in Birmingham and worked there for three years, while at the ambulance service he returned to Snead and received his EMT-Intermediate license.  Lt. Killions duties were that of an advanced EMT as well as being a Critical Care Ambulance operator transporting patients from throughout the southeast to UAB and Children’s hospital.

In 1988, Lt. Killion was hired by Guntersville Police Department in a move that launched a 20 plus year career in Law Enforcement. While employed at Guntersville Police Department, Killion rose to the rank of Investigator and eventually was twice assigned a position with the multijurisdictional drug enforcement unit. One being the Marshall County Drug enforcement unit, and the other, the Northeast Alabama Regional Drug Task Force.  Killion also worked executive protection during the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics serving a three week stent as a close personal protection detail lead.

Various opportunities arose which afforded Lt. Killion an opportunity to move throughout Law Enforcement circles and over the years, he has worked with all facets of law enforcement, from local police departments, county entities, and state level agencies  to The DEA, US Customs service and US Marshals service on the federal level assisting in each individuals agencies missions.

Lt. Killion returned to Emergency medicine and Firefighting and continued training and receiving special training in technical rescue classes. Lt. Killion was assigned to the Marshall County Heavy Rescue team which is a FEMA based response team and was deployed to Louisiana and Mississippi during hurricane Katrina. Lt. Killion is also an instructor in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Vehicle Extrication, and Incident response to terrorist bombings.

Lt. Killion has two mantras that he tries to impart on his class and those are, first, “No man in the wrong can stand up against a man that’s in the right and keeps on coming”. This is the motto of the Texas Rangers and should instill in the minds and hearts of the students that justice will prevail if we, as public servants, have the wherewithal to continue fighting the fight.

The second is the French phrase, “ Tous Pour Un, Un Pour Tous”. This is simply All for one and One for all. This is to engrain in the students that no man can do this alone and that as a team the accomplishments are limitless, be it out in the field working a crime, fighting a fire, saving a life, or in the classroom.