Public Safety

School Year 2015-2016         

Public Safety

Cluster:            Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

Pathway:         Law Enforcement Services; Emergency and Fire Management Services

1st Year                   

Principles of Public Service                            1 Credit           1st Semester
Police Patrol                                                          1 Credit           2nd Semester

2nd Year                   

Forensic & Criminal Investigations           1 Credit           1st Semester
Introduction to Fire Science                          1 Credit           2nd Semester   

3rd Year                 

Emergency Services*                                         1 Credit           1st Semester
Fire Fighting*                                                        1 Credit           2nd Semester


If the student has completed Emergency Services, the student should be enrolled in Senior Career Pathway Project.

If the student has completed Fire Fighting, the student should be enrolled in Fire Fighting II (please use the same course number for Fire Fighting I and II -530012).

* No articulated credit courses.