Medical Prep

Course Codes for School Year 2019-2020

Medical Prep (Health Science)

Cluster Health Science

Pathway: Therapeutic Services, Health Informatics, Supportive Services, Diagnostic Services, Biotechnology Research and Development

1st Year

490007 Foundations of Health Science 1 Credit 1st Semester

490033 Medical Terminology 1 Credit 2nd Semester

2nd Year

490015 Human Body Structures and Functions 1 Credit 1st Semester

490023 Therapeutic Services 1 Credit 2nd Semester

3rd Year

490027 Patient Care Technician 1 Credit 1st Semester

If accepted into the Senior Class

490013 Health Science Internship 1 Credit 2nd Semester

If not accepted into Internship

490045 Senior Career Pathway Project 1 Credit 2nd Semester

*For Medical Prep students, CNA certification is available via dual enrollment with Snead State Community College