Cluster: Human Services  
Program: Cosmetology  
Teacher: Laura (Hix) Thompson  
Certificates/CRI: National Retail Federation Entrepreneurship Small Business Certificate
  Customer Service and Sales Certification  
  Hours for State Cosmetology License   
Year.Semester MTS Course
Course Title Course Number
1.1 **Introduction to Cosmetology 19104G1000
1.2 **Introduction to Spa Techniques 19107G1001
2.1 Chemical Services 19103G1002
CTE Lab in Human Services 19147G1002
2.2 Hair Coloring 19103G1001
CTE Lab in Human Services 19147G1002
3.1 **Salon Practices and Management 19107G1003
3.2 State Board Practicum 19149G1000
Senior Career Path Prjo-Human Services-Cosmo 19147G1001
  **Articulated Credit