School Year 2015-2016         


Collision Technology

Cluster:            Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Pathway:         Facilities and Mobile Equipment Maintenance


1st Year         
Transportation Dist. & Logistics                     1 Credit           1st Semester

Painting and Refinishing I                                  1 Credit*         2nd Semester

2nd Year       

Painting and Refinishing II                                 1 Credit*         1st Semester

Nonstruct. Analysis and Damage Repair I  1 Credit*         2nd Semester

3rd Year         

Structural Analysis and Damage Repair       1 Credit*         1st Semester

Painting and Refinishing III                                1 Credit*          2nd Semester

* Articulated credit with two-year colleges – the student must have earned a minimum of a B average and completed the articulation credit request form to be submitted to the college