Building Construction

School Year 2015-2016         

Building Construction 

Cluster:            Architecture & Construction

Pathway:         Construction


1st Year                     

Architecture, Constr., & Manufacturing                1 Credit*         1st Semester

NCCER Building Const. 1 Const. Framing      1 Credit*        2nd Semester    

2nd Year                   

NCCER Building Const. 2  Site Prep                        1 Credit*         1st Semester

Safety & Health Regulations                                  1 Credit          2nd Semester

3rd Year        

NCCER Building Const. 3 Const. Finishing    1 Credit*         1st Semester
Senior Career Pathway Project                           1 Credit           2nd Semester

** If a student has already completed Construction Framing, they will take the Senior Pathway
Project for both 1st and 2nd Semesters.

* Articulated credit with two-year colleges-the student must have earned a minimum of a B average and completed the articulation credit request form to be submitted to the college.