Building Construction

Course Codes for School Year 2019-2020


Cluster: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Pathway: Power, Structural and Technical Systems


1st Year

410007 NCCER Construction Framing 1 Credit 1st Semester

420101 Fundamentals of Ag/Construction 1 Credit 2nd Semester

2nd Year

410011 Safety & Health Regulations 1 Credit 1st Semester

410008 NCCER Const. Finish & Interior Systems 1 Credit 2nd Semester

3rd Year

410006 NCCER Const. Site Prep & Foundations 1 Credit 1st Semester

420077 Senior Pathway Project 1 Credit 2nd Semester

* Articulated credit with two-year colleges-the student must have earned a minimum of a B average and completed the articulation credit request form to be submitted to the college.